Laser Cut Sheet Metal with the FabLight Fiber Laser

Get a front-row seat to laser cutting and engraving with the FabLight fiber laser. We will take you step by step through CAD, creating a job file in minutes with FabCreator, and finally cutting the part on the machine. Along the way we'll talk about best practices and give you a virtual tour of the machine.

Date: Thursday, July 22nd 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST

Length: 45 minutes, includes 10 min Q&A

Price: FREE

fiber laser cutting a steel sheet with sparks visible

You'll learn:

  • How to cut sheet metal precisely and accurately with a fiber laser
  • How to set up your job file in FabCreator
  • Laser safety features of the FabLight

About 3D Fab Light:

3D FabLight was founded in 2015 with a mission to break down the barriers to advanced flexible manufacturing using lasers and software. Our team has decades worth of experience designing laser cutters and machine tool software.

The FabLight laser systems are designed to maximize performance and minimize cost for a metal laser cutter. But we don’t sacrifice quality for cost – our laser is an industrial machine that’s being used for full production, as well as for prototyping.

We set out to pack as much functionality into the FabLight lasers as possible, while still keeping them within the budget of most fabrication shops, machine shops, and educational shops. With no installation required and very low operating costs, they can be easily run by anyone. The FabLight is the only affordable metal laser cutter for sheets and tubes made in the United States.