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3D Fab Light
Virtual Open House

In this on-demand video recorded September 2021, you'll learn how easy it is to add precision laser cutting capability to your shop. Our engineering and sales team ran  a live demo of the FabLight FL4500 Tube & Sheet and answered attendees questions.


Laser demo

In this recorded video, get up close and personal with the FabLight Tube & Sheet Fiber Laser and learn how easy it is to cut and engrave metal. You do not need to be a laser expert to get parts made easily.

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In-depth Q&A

Representatives from the sales and engineering team answered questions about the machine. There was plenty of audience interaction.

Learn something new about fiber laser technology

Whether you want to learn more about fiber laser technology or you are a seasoned laser expert, you will find something new to discover about FabLight Fiber Laser Systems at our open house.

Discover the advantages of bringing laser cutting in-house

Fiber laser cutting is a game changing technology. It's highly efficient, clean, and easy to maintain. It's no wonder that this technology is the future of metal fabrication. With FabLight, investing in the future starts at just $60,000, compared to over $100,000 for other entry level models on the market. For fiber laser tube cutting, many machines start at $400,000 and up.

There are many advantages to FabLight technology:

  • Low operating cost
  • Shorten "prototype to market" time
  • Easy to use, no skilled operator necessary
  • Small footprint - maximize your floorspace

All of our machines are designed and built in our Oakland, CA factory - the same factory we'll be running the Open House from. We are proudly manufactured in the USA and work with many local suppliers to create a high-quality product that we stand by.

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